Dragon Ball Super episode 1 subbed

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Dragon Ball Super episode 1 : “The World Peace Prize – Who is Getting the 100 Million Zeni?!”


  • raku wilson

    i tried to watch this but goku your acter is shit

    • Luke Sullivan

      uhh u mean the original?

    • bigcountry

      Dragon ball is one of the animes i have a difficult time watching subbed.The lady that does his voice is like nails on a chalk board to me.

    • Xmanor

      Yea i tried to watch it too but everytime goku comes up im not enjoying it anymore. Guess i’ll have to wait for the dub.

      • Kasai454

        don’t wait for the dub because they don’t have the original voice actors it is all fan-made and it sounds like shit.

        • Jah Vie

          he means the official funimation dub, not fan-made

      • Truth

        Dubbed anime is fail you goober. Go watch Cartoon network with your whiny unappreciative ass. Good god you kids, mouth breathers, and basement dwellers need to get your shit together.

        • Xmanor

          Of all the people who watch anime, the ones that watch dubbed dbz are the least retarded, and you know it. We watch it out of nostalgia. The screechy brain numbing japanese dub is for the real weabo and hipster faggeds. I don’t like anime and i don’t need to appriciate it. I just watch dbz whe the dub comes out for the sole reason that i watched it as a kid. I don’t want to be a little -wanna-be-jap fagged like you.

        • truthisafaggot

          you are such a faggot ROFL

          • truthisafaggotisarudefellow

            you are such a rude fellow jeez

    • Truth

      Spellcheck.. Acter is not a word..

      • Trevor McCabe

        Shut it bitch

        • DBLeon

          He’s telling the truth. get it…………….

          • wreratfsd

            Maybe he should actual read out loud what he types before hitting send.

          • john

            you’re welcom

          • Jordan

            Did you mean “actually” instead of “actual.” Maybe YOU should learn to proof read before you turn into a grammar nazi and start calling people out. A hole.

  • CodeREd

    Goku’s voice is better in Japanese than in English.

    • Lord Niko =)

      -.- no

      • CodeREd


        • Ante Pavić

          Goku’s japanese voice is dog shit

    • MD Robin


    • Knight OfNostalgia

      Agreed. I grew up watching the Latino version.. and then when it hit the U.K. in 2000 I was like what is a Kaymayhaymayhay wave? its kame-hame-ha

  • GokuFan

    did they change the voices of these people? Sounds a bit off. i just watched dragonball and dragonball z. the HD is a bit sharp on my eyes and I’m only 22. I did like the older quality better.

  • DangoBob

    I cannot get over how pathetically bad the japanese voice actors are… I mean, usually anime characters have very cool and well-fitting voices, but Goku and Gohan’s are just terrible… We need a dub soon…

    • Truth

      Fail.. Such epic fail.. Mind blown..

  • Shiney Bright

    sadly i do prefer goku’s voice in english than japanese. But whatever, enjoy what you can for now and come back when english one is out.

  • Shiney Bright

    you know i still picture videl as a serious hard headed girl than this super sweet videl.

  • Truth

    You schmucks need to get your acts together. Toriyama is a legend and most of you would not have ANY anime if not for Dragonball.

    • Xmanor

      Holy shit you are one crying little fagged when people have a different opinion than you. Were you an only child with bad parents? You can go suck toriyamas dick for all i care. The dub sucks cock and i want the english. No amount of weabo crying from you will change anyone’s mind.

  • Ĵîñkêz

    I can’t watch this because well i don’t like just reading the sub titles..

  • JefferyMuterx13

    I miss the dubbed voices, but it looks like a good series, definitely good intros/outros 😀

  • Alan

    Wait for the English version to come out watching this subbed One will ruin your experience as a dbz fan ??

  • Mothe fucka

    Fuck you and your ads

  • Momo0000

    As a long time fan of this show, I grew up with the English version obviously since I’m American but never saw Dragon Ball. I started watching Dragon Ball in subbed and overtime, it grew on me. Since I’ve watched it from Dragon Ball all the way through here subbed, Goku’s voice, to me, is on par with the American voice actor and at times when it comes to the intense moments, it’s even better. Both sides are good in their own rights and this is one of the few animes I can recommend in subbed as well as dubbed.

  • Sangeeth Balakrishna

    wow jst strted to watch dbs.. its good well i dnt like subbed but i loved dubbed versions.. still bettr thn superman..

  • Cowabow

    How do you watch it?

  • Cowabow

    Seriously how do you watch it

    • Cowabow

      Help me plz

  • draco6884

    i love dragon ball but im having a hard time adjusting to gokus Japanese voice i like the voice its just that i grew up with the English dub so the nostalgic feeling aint as high for me 🙁

    still love it though.

  • Chauvo

    Wtf is this, i deleted adblock and it still tells me to remove adblock!

  • Jayquan Phifer

    Wasn’t all of this in the Dragonball Z movie

  • Knight OfNostalgia

    I get so triggered by english speaking fans