Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Subbed

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 : “Goku goes berserk! The Evil Saiyan’s Rampage!”


  • ahmed bdhief

    you asshole

  • bad boys

    https://ww5.dragonballway. biz/super-dragon-ball-heroes-episode-2-subbed/

  • Dragon Ball Town

    https://www2.dragonballonly. com/dragon-ball-heroes-episode-2-english-subbed/

  • Ajdin Pipo

    Why only 8 minutes? Is this prepare for something better ??

    • Mitchel Skeels

      its just a promotional series for the game all eps are gonna be this short or around it

      • Piggy Bank

        Really? I hope toei animation chokes in a cucumber

  • butthead

    wow. way fucking better than super. this is how vegito should have been.

  • Ravi Ravi

    its to short for this… cant watch..