Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Subbed

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 : “”Super Saiyan 4 Goku vs SSGSS Goku?! A super battle unfolds on the unknown “Prison Planet””


  • mahes h

    https://ww5.dragonballway. biz/super-dragon-ball-heroes-episode-1-subbed/

  • Krushna Varma

    I love dragon ball but this is shit. Spoiling an anime like this is unforgivable.

    • Mckadow

      It’s just a game.

      • Juchalinas246

        Will be Episode 2 in July 16

    • Majin Squall

      its better than Dragon ball Stupor.. what a fucking abomination that shit show was… ” feel a tingly sensation on your back” .. talk about unforgivable

      • Krushna Varma

        Haha that tingly was shit and poor Goku and Vegeta took so much of time to cross SS and Caulifla and Kale went SS2 with such shit was really bad. I hate future trunks though. He is the one now whole Dragon Ball series are revolving.😂

        • http://www.Meliodas.com Meliodas

          You are the who are hated did you see dbgt or not see that first you genderqueer basted every saiyan is different

          • Krushna Varma

            Kid, go and learn English first. “You are the who are hated…” Like really !!! You murdered English language. And for your kind info, I have seen all season of Dragon Ball, even with movies. And no one asked to comment here on my post. So, keep your ass out of mine comments.

    • http://www.Meliodas.com Meliodas

      Your face is shit in reality did you eat lots of shit and get that couler who asked you for forgivnes you genderqueer basterd it isn’t spoiling its great anime just don’t watch it if you don’t like

      • Krushna Varma

        Nobody asked your fucking advice. So, keep your nose inside your ass and you aren’t the animator or director or writer who made this anime, that you will get offended. And you talk about my face huh, lemme tell you, you don’t even have one. So, that’s real shit you know yourself. And stop eating shits man, eat some vegetables, you see every where shit, shit and shit. What a shitty person you are. Oh, I forgot an animated nosiy characterless bot.😂😂😂

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAjhtbfj58fNwSqpPCG9Qkg?view_as=subscriber Alex Lai

    Where are the subtitles? I don’t understand what they’re saying. How am I supposed to understand Japanese without subtitles?

    • Legit Doctor

      learn japanese

      • Anshuman Kaushik

        L#nd pakad le

      • NO NAME

        legit idiot

  • Vlăduț Ionuț

    why is only 8 minutes long ?

  • https://seriesout.com Series Out

    Subbed Episode @


  • Karthik Kumar

    Stupid piece of garbage… Ruining the love that people have for it…
    Another one, Poisoned by its own creators….. Sad

  • 2Hunter63

    is this actually episode 1??

  • Alexander Chicaiza

    I just got wet.

  • Dylan Hunt

    What’s this crusty quality? Is it 1995?